The scientific school of mining engineers at the SRSPU (NPI) is one of the oldest both at the university and in the country. It was established by outstanding scientists V.A. Auerbakh, N.S. Uspenskiy, P.P. Chirvinskiy, P.N. Suschinskiy, A.N. Dinnik. Professor P.N. Suschinskiy was the first elected rector of the institute, the faculty graduates M.A. Frolov and A.G. Kobilev were rectors of NPI in later years.

The Faculty boasts a specialized geological museum which is the largest in Russia. The collections "Mineralogy", "Lithology", "Historical geology and paleontology", "Mineral deposits" are arranged in the four halls of the Faculty building. The museum’s exhibits present a rare collection of 40,000 specimen collected in practically all parts of the world.

The Faculty presently consists of six departments; over 850 students are trained there. 96 teachers, including 22 professors and Doctors of Science and 50 associate professors, PhDs are involved in the educational process at the Faculty.

The departments of the faculty train specialists, bachelors and masters in 3 specialties (nine specializations), two bachelor's degree programs (2 profiles) and 2 master's degree programs:

Department of Applied Geology

130101 «Applied Geology» (specialists’ program)


● geological survey, prospecting and exploration of mineral deposits;

● search for and exploration of groundwater and geological engineering;

● oil and gas geology.

Mining Department

130400 «Mining» (specialists’ program)


● open pit mining;

● underground mining of flat-masses.

Department of Mine Surveying and Geodesy

130400 «Mining» (specialists’ program)

Specialization «Mine surveying»;

120401 - «Applied geodesy» (specialists’ program)

Department of Emergency Management and Environmental Protection

130400 «Mining» (specialists’ program)

Specialization «Technological safety and rescue works»

Department of Oil and Gas and Mining Machinery and Equipment

130400 «Mining» (specialists’ program)

Specialization «Mining machinery and equipment»;

151000 «Technological machinery and equipment»

Bachelor's degree program «Machinery and Equipment of Oil and Gas Fields»;

Master's degree program «Machinery and Equipment of Oil and Gas Fields»

Department of Drilling of Oil and Gas Wells and Geophysics

131000 «Oil and gas engineering»

Bachelor's degree program «Oil and gas wells drilling»;

Master's degree program «Oil and gas wells construction in hard mining conditions»

The Faculty’s strategic partners and major enterprises that offer jobs and opportunities for curricular practical training are: Open Joint-Stock Company (OJSC) «ALROSA», OJSC «Evrokhim», OJSC «Mechel», OJSC «SUEK», OJSC Mining Metallurgical Company «Norilskiy nickel», OJSC «KNAUF», OJSC «Novoroscement», OJSC Lebedinskiy Mineral Processing Plant, Easten Donbass mines, «Kavkazgeolsyomka» enterprise, OJSC «Polimetal», OJSC «ChernomorTIZIS», OJSC «Gazprom», OJSC «LUKOIL», OJSC «Surgutneftegaz» ТНК-ВР.